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The text of her writing and compositions reveals Hildegard's use of this form of modified medieval Latin , encompassing many invented, conflated and abridged words. Hildegard's Lingua ignota Unknown Language was a composition that comprised a series of invented words that corresponded to an eclectic list of nouns. Scholars believe that Hildegard used her Lingua Ignota to increase solidarity among her nuns. Maddocks claims that it is likely Hildegard learned simple Latin and the tenets of the Christian faith but was not instructed in the Seven Liberal Arts , which formed the basis of all education for the learned classes in the Middle Ages: the Trivium of grammar, dialectic, and rhetoric plus the Quadrivium of arithmetic, geometry, astronomy, and music.

Contributing to Christian European rhetorical traditions, Hildegard "authorized herself as a theologian" through alternative rhetorical arts.

She believed that her monastery should exclude novices who were not from the nobility because she did not want her community to be divided on the basis of social status. Because of church limitation on public, discursive rhetoric, the medieval rhetorical arts included preaching, letter writing, poetry, and the encyclopedic tradition. The acceptance of public preaching by a woman, even a well-connected abbess and acknowledged prophet, does not fit the stereotype of this time.

Her preaching was not limited to the monasteries; she preached publicly in in Germany. New York: Routledge, , 9. She conducted four preaching tours throughout Germany, speaking to both clergy and laity in chapter houses and in public, mainly denouncing clerical corruption and calling for reform. Many abbots and abbesses asked her for prayers and opinions on various matters. Hildegard of Bingen's correspondence is an important component of her literary output. Hildegard was one of the first persons for whom the Roman canonization process was officially applied, but the process took so long that four attempts at canonization were not completed and she remained at the level of her beatification.

Her name was nonetheless taken up in the Roman Martyrology at the end of the 16th century. Her feast day is 17 September. Hildegard to the entire Catholic Church [87] in a process known as "equivalent canonization," [88] thus laying the groundwork for naming her a Doctor of the Church. Hildegard of Bingen also appears in the calendar of saints of various Anglican churches, such as that of the Church of England , in which she is commemorated on 17 September.

In recent years, Hildegard has become of particular interest to feminist scholars.

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Hildegard frequently referred to herself as an unlearned woman, completely incapable of Biblical exegesis. Hildegard has also become a figure of reverence within the contemporary New Age movement , mostly because of her holistic and natural view of healing, as well as her status as a mystic. Though her medical writings were long neglected, and then studied without reference to their context, [95] she was the inspiration for Dr. Gottfried Hertzka's "Hildegard-Medicine", and is the namesake for June Boyce-Tillman's Hildegard Network, a healing center that focuses on a holistic approach to wellness and brings together people interested in exploring the links between spirituality, the arts, and healing.

Recordings and performances of Hildegard's music have gained critical praise and popularity since See Discography listed below. The artwork The Dinner Party features a place setting for Hildegard. In space, the minor planet Hildegard is named for her. Hildegard was the subject of a fictionalized biographic novel Illuminations by Mary Sharratt. The plant genus Hildegardia is named after her because of her contributions to herbal medicine. Martin, when Anna Stevenson dresses as Hildegard for Halloween.

Conti in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Hildegard of Bingen, O. Illumination from the Liber Scivias showing Hildegard receiving a vision and dictating to her scribe and secretary. People by era or century. Desert Fathers. Contemporary papal views. Aspects of meditation Orationis Formas , O frondens virga.

Main article: Bibliography of Hildegard of Bingen. Catholicism portal Biography portal. Grout, Donald J ay. Oxford Music Online. Oxford University Press. Encyclopedia of Saints. Peter, Claude V. Palisca, and Donald Jay Grout. Norton anthology of western music. New York: W. Women in the Middle Ages. Hildegard of Bingen: An Anthology. SPCK Some sources note younger siblings, specifically Bruno.

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Music for the Easter Season No. 1 (Unison Ch | J.W. Pepper Sheet Music

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Visionary Women Minneapolis: Augsburg Fotress, , pp. Karmic Relationships, Vol. Return of Hildegard. Archived from the original on 9 June Retrieved 8 June Brooklyn Museum.

O Ignee Spiritus - Score O Ignee Spiritus - Score
O Ignee Spiritus - Score O Ignee Spiritus - Score
O Ignee Spiritus - Score O Ignee Spiritus - Score
O Ignee Spiritus - Score O Ignee Spiritus - Score
O Ignee Spiritus - Score O Ignee Spiritus - Score
O Ignee Spiritus - Score O Ignee Spiritus - Score
O Ignee Spiritus - Score O Ignee Spiritus - Score

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