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Memories of this may have been why Sarah later gave Maria the Verron puzzle box. Sarah fenced for her school team. In , Sarah visited the Sistine Chapel on a tour.

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When Sarah was a little older than eighteen, she was studying at university. One day she was sitting at a large lecture hall listening to her favourite professor Edward Sheppard. Professor Sheppard talked about his favourite subject: the power of the press. He asked the young Sarah what she would do if she found out something that was a threat to national security. Sarah replied that she would publish the story, as a good journalist always had to reveal the truth. She said she would not care about the consequences. Sheppard replied that it might put a spy and his family in danger.

He asked her if she would still publish the story if it would put innocent lives at risk. Sarah replied that she had to think about that. Sheppard said that he sincerely hoped so. Sarah began doorstepping when she was nineteen years old. He had romantic feelings for her that she did not reciprocate; despite this, Sarah remained fond of him.

Sarah Jane Smith

They split when he was given command of the Cuffley. Sarah meets the Doctor for the first time. TV : The Time Warrior. While working as a journalist, Sarah posed as her aunt who was away in the United States at the time , an accomplished virologist, to infiltrate a UNIT -controlled facility where scientists had gone missing.

The Doctor quickly cut down her fake identity and sparked her willingness to take initiative and impress him. Once Professor Rubeish disappeared, she peered inside the Doctor's police box , which he claimed housed his equipment, hoping to find him hiding inside.

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Instead, she was stunned to discover that it was bigger on the inside. TV : Invasion of the Dinosaurs.

She initially believed the Doctor was responsible for this since the Doctor was capable of travelling back in time, but learnt this was the work of the Sontaran commander Linx , who had stolen the scientists to help repair his ship. She helped defend the Lord Edward of Wessex 's castle from Linx and the robber baron Irongron 's men by throwing stink bombs at them, causing them to retreat.

Sneaking inside Irongron's castle while posing as a friar, Sarah drugged the food at Irongron's castle to make everyone fall asleep while trying to stop Linx from launching his ship. Lord Edward's archer , Hal , shot Linx in his probic vent with a bolt, killing him. As he died, Linx triggered the launch mechanism of his ship, resulting in a huge explosion as the rockets fired.

Sarah and the Doctor fled Irongron's castle before it was swallowed by the force of the liftoff blast, and set off for Earth, where the Doctor intended to return her home safely. A large cloud of deadly gas nearly destroyed Earth, but the Doctor discerned that it was not natural, but was an attempt by the Zircon to invade Earth. He and Sarah warned the Brigadier and the Prime Minister and used the satellites of Earth to set off an explosion to destroy the cloud and apparently the Zirconian fleet.

The Doctor and Sarah accidentally travelled into a parallel Earth where they encountered human criminal versions of themselves. They escaped by travelling to a primitive Earth , where they left their counterparts, returning home.

The Doctor, Sarah, Jeremy Fitzoliver and the Brigadier went to Space World , a new amusement park, to investigate a death that had occurred nearby. The park was run by Naglons from the planet Parakon disguised as humans. They wanted to hypnotise the humans to do their bidding. The aliens left Earth, but not before they captured Sarah and Jeremy. Sarah put up resistance and discovered that her captors were too aggressive for either her or Jeremy to successfully make an escape.

The Doctor and the Brigadier travelled to Parakon to retrieve them, and the group later helped to foil a devious plot employed Freeth , chairman of the Parakon Corporation to get rich by waging war on other worlds and use the fallen victims of these battles as fertiliser for rapine , a very valuable commodity that would make him highly wealthy. Sarah encounters dinosaurs. The Doctor saw no point in going back there with the suspicious activities resolved, instead aiming to land in UNIT HQ , but he got the coordinates a little off, finding himself in an empty park.

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The Doctor and Sarah arrived in s London to find it had been evacuated because of dinosaurs. The dinosaurs were brought to London by a time machine in a plan to revert London and the entire world to a pre-technological level, which would undo the existence of all living things around at the time. Sarah tried to interview Charles Grover , but when she got too nosy, he kidnapped her and placed her on a "colony ship", peopled by individuals who thought they were heading for a new life; Sarah convinced some of the crew that the "spaceship" was fake and was able to escape.

The Doctor reversed the polarity of the time machine, causing Grover and his accomplice, Professor Whitaker , to accidentally send themselves on a one-way trip to the pre-technological era. Unfortunately, Sarah would have to face the departure of a friend at UNIT, Captain Mike Yates , who was convinced to join the cause of the Operation Golden Age group and assist them, betraying his colleagues. When Yates saw the error of his ways, he quickly reconciled with UNIT, but had caused enough trouble and distrust that it signalled the end of his career with them.

Lethbridge-Stewart prevented him from facing legal repercussions by arranging for him to have extended sick leave and a chance to resign quietly. She found information about the death of Dr John Smith , the alias of the Doctor, in Terrified that the Doctor was going to die, Sarah kept the secret to herself. However, the Doctor's investigation of a crash site soon led the pair back in time to the Isle of Wight , where Sarah witnessed the death of John Smith. Delighted that it was not the Doctor, she confessed all to him.

There, they encountered Marine Space Corps members seeking Parrinium , a cure for a space-plague.

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The Daleks also landed for the same purpose. The Doctor and the Daleks discovered the Great City of the Exxilons , a large city with a power-disrupting tower preventing technology from working. The Doctor sought to disrupt its functions and remove the power-disrupting facility. The Daleks ordered humans to place bombs around the city's central tower to destroy it. The city was destroyed, as was the Dalek spaceship.

TV : Death to the Daleks. Trying again to travel to Florana , the Doctor and Sarah arrived at Cerulean , which was being attacked by missiles from the planet Sedna. The Doctor created a better barrier, but soon realised that Cerulean was in fact Neptune and Sedna was a tenth planet, yet to be discovered in Sarah's timeline. The aliens began to speak of peace and asked that the Doctor represent the planet Cerulean, but before he was able to, he detected another TARDIS about to crash into his.

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He left and indicated that the other time machine was a future version of his own. The Doctor and Sarah finally arrived on Florana in , just as the Chelonian Empire was to sign a treaty with humanity. The Doctor was mistaken for one of the delegates and Sarah went sunbathing. She overheard two Chelonians discussing how one had poisoned the Emperor's drink. Sarah went to warn the delegates, but the guards would not let her pass. Noticing the Emperor's strange actions, the Doctor poured a bucket of water down his throat, thus removing the poison.

The Doctor and Sarah left Florana for Earth. The Brigadier was acting strangely, giving orders to reassign UNIT troops "in a haphazard, unpredictable manner".

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There had also been flooding occurring worldwide. When the Brigadier ordered the Tower of London to be sealed off and flooded, Liz finally decided he was unfit for duty and gave him a check up. The Doctor deduced that the Brigadier had been possessed by a Remoraxian , a species that wanted to flood the world to allow them to colonise. The Doctor built a de-remorator to remove the Remoraxian from the Brigadier.

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Normal Sara Jane 3 Normal Sara Jane 3
Normal Sara Jane 3 Normal Sara Jane 3
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