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Seven committee members and one alternate have been selected, drawn from various sectors of the community. Learn more here. Wednesday June 25th , at am. An open meeting was held at the Upton Town Hall with representatives from the state and Rep. You can read about the meeting here. Find out much more here.

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Learn more about the Upton Vision. Tell me how to get involved in the project. Learn about the outreach to Upton's small businesses. We missed t in the theater and will definitely be checking it out on dvd. It looks adorable!

Could you imagine that much of images?

I love anything and everything Mary Poppins related. Although the original is still my favorite, I really enjoyed Mary Poppins Returns. I loved Mary Poppins as a girl, so I took my oldest daughter to see this one. She was enthralled the entire time!

Imagine That

She loved every song. I love the first Mary Poppins.

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Mary Poppins Returns is on our next to watch movie night. I am sure we all will love it!

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I have this movie on my must-watch list. I loved this movie as a child, it was my absolute favorite. Glad it is now available. Oh I feel like it was in theatres just yesterday!

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I really need to see it, I really loved the original growing up. We base our client relationships on our key values: empathy, authenticity, and respect for the human being.


Come closer to your consumers than ever before. Our imaginative qualitative solutions leverage modern technology and the consumer journey to unearth fresh insights that completely change how you think about your consumers. Turbocharge your consumer intelligence with our robust and strategic research designs, advanced analytics, modeling, and modern research technology.

Mary Poppins Returns - Can You Imagine That? (Official Audio)

Unleash the real potential of social data with our agile and intriguing application of social analytics combined with our storytelling expertise. Prosper as a client-side researcher. Each of our one-of-a-kind services — created with empathy and client-side know-how — are designed to maximize your resources, brand, and organizational impact.

Help you bring the voice of your consumer to the boardroom table — early and actionably. Create value and impact you can stand behind, with confidence.

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    Imagine That Imagine That
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